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7 Tips to Maintain Your Handbags

Worn and torn bags are not a look. Your handbags also need a little TLC to look fresh and new. These are our best-curated hacks to care for your handbags to increase their longevity and pristine. 


1. Do not hang it 

We tend to hang our bags on hooks and doorknobs. However, that’s one of the main reasons your bag’s handles damage and distort the body. The best way to keep them is upright on a shelf.


2. Put your old Tee to use

If the bag’s kept as it is, it can be sunken in, ruining its structure majorly. Make sure to keep some stuffing inside to keep the shape as original. We suggest not using plastic or paper stuffing.

Instead, the best stuffing is your old soft t-shirts & rolling sweaters.

3. Use them – Give them arm-time 

The worst thing to do for your handbags (and shoes) is to keep them idle and not use them much. They need air circulation as well! When kept unused, they can develop mold, mildew, and unusual odor. 

So, make sure to use your bags rotationally – it increases their longevity, and breathability, and prevents bad odor. 

4. Keep it zipped & handles overlapped

As self-explanatory as it is: a bag zipped will assist in maintaining its shape and heavy handles down can put a strain on the handbag and may cause tearing. So, it’s best to keep handles overlapped and upright when not in use.

5. Clean them, but not often

Wiping your bags using mild soap and lint-free cloth occasionally, can keep your bag looking brand new. Then, dry with a towel to avoid water stains and scuffs. 

    Do not clean them too often, just occasionally for a refresh is sufficient to avoid wearing it out.  

    6. Use handbag liners 

    Not only do these assist in organizing your handbags better, but they also help prevent your delicate internal structure from getting unwanted marks, stains, and spills. Any leaks will be easily washable. Moreover, having a liner inserted prevents the bag from sagging down and keeps the shape looking beautiful.

    Also, liners make swapping bags easier! 

    7. Keep out of light & humidity

    Avoid storing near sunlight to avoid discoloration and avoid near humidity (such as near the washroom) to prevent mold.  


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