Our Materials


100% cruelty-free
Have premium finish
With recyclable packaging
We spend a lot of time researching high-quality alternatives to animal leather to create our products; durability, aesthetics & premium finish is our goal.
Currently, we use breakthrough innovations in plant-based leathers made from apples, cactus and corn in our handbags. We also use many forms of recycled vegan leathers and microfiber to create a luxurious suede.


Made from leftover pomace and peel from fruit juice and compote industry. It is a much more eco-friendly compared to animal leather, as it is primarily composed of organic waste.

  • Apple cores, skin, seeds & pulp are dried out and crushed into fine powder
  • The powder is then mixed with polyutherane
  • The mixture is then coated into a material backing such as cotton and polyester canvas
  • The result is an apple leather, which is waterproof, long-lasting & highly durable.

Cactus leather is a highly eco-friendly option to traditional leather.

  • The cactus is harvested & mature leaves are cut, cleaned and mashed. The entire crop is not plucked, only the leaves are used.
  • The product is dried in the sun and then grinded into a powder.
  • The powder is then mixed with a patented formular to produce the cactus leather.

Since, cactus is a water-conserving plant, meaning that limited water resources are needed to process this plant. And the performance of cactus leather is very comparable to traditional leathers.

Microfiber leather is a vegan material that combines microfibers with a polymer base (typically made by mixing polyester and nylon fibres).

The result is a luxurious suede finish leather that looks very close to animal leather. Our Trapees bag’s outlook is entirely composed of microfiber leather.