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How Can Your Bag Make a Statement?

Choosing the right bag can be a game-changer for your look and we’ve highlighted a few ways how!



Matching the colour of your bag with the outfit or pairing a neutral bag with your looks is the safer option that sure never goes wrong. But safe doesn’t make a statement!

Our favourite way to amplify an outfit is by adding a completely random pop of colour to your colour-blocked outfit through a handbag.

If you’re thinking of introducing more colour hues to your wardrobe, the easiest way to start is through handbags. Especially in the summer, this hue can make you look distinctly fun and fashionable.

Some very trendy colours this season are aqua blue, cherry red, forest green, lilac purple, and metallic silver.

Tip: The IT girl trend is also to subtly match your pop of colour with another small accessory like earrings, scarves, or even socks. We love the following looks. 





We cannot mention sparkle and not mention our bestseller – the FOXY mini bag. It’s guaranteed that this bag can amplify absolutely any look.

Whether you add this bag to an extra outfit or a casual one, this is surely going to make a statement.

Moreover, it’s also a very photogenic bag that will give you some fabulous clicks. We’ve also recently introduced Kelly – another gorgeously embellished crystal bag, where the crystals are smaller but the sparkle is even brighter. 

This sparkle bag trend is gaining excellent momentum because they are no longer only for the New Year or Christmas, but an accessory to be used for anytime when you want to stand out.





Unconventional bag shapes are an interesting touch to your look because they add spunk to you. Like circular/crescent-shaped bags or elongated bodies and handles.

The fun part is that you can either go subtle or completely irrelevant with this style. Our best pick for this is the Trapees shoulder bag, which has the most unique trapezoid-like body with very long handles, that makes for a very classy yet edgy look. We’ve got the best reviews for this one.





You can make a regular outfit sexy by just adding an athleisure accessory – fabric crossbody straps or the very slouchy and messy totes look are our picks.

Just like our Coco bag that has these very cool crossbody fabric straps! The bag makes you look very chilled and ready for the go. Otherwise, we recommend large irregular totes and bucket bags as well.





This is a super-loved trend and undoubtedly so. These adorably tiny bags can draw major attention, making an outfit look incredibly chic.

It’s got a pretty way to be held – maybe two to three fingers. Or it can strikingly be worn as a crossbody. Through both ways, it brings out a very feminine and fashionable touch to you.

Some might think this trend is inconvenient and limiting because it doesn’t let you carry your essentials but on the contrary, we feel that it is extremely liberating because it forces you to only carry the bare minimum and be carefree.

Our Kelly bag is very smartly designed to be compact yet allows you to hold so many essentials for your night outs. It’s got a super easy clasp and a gorgeous crystal mesh exterior. It’s an accessory for a glamorous evening out.




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